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Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association
Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association

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Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association

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The Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association began in early 2009 with a coffee shop meeting between a hand full of folks interested in finding a ways to pro-actively protect and enjoy the outdoors. This interest, in of itself, was not unique - there are over 100 clubs and associations already affiliated with the Alberta Fish and Game Association.

While it was obvious that there was a local gap to be filled in terms of having an association through which outdoor enthusiasts in the Airdrie area could participate and contribute, we also wanted to differentiate our new organization by making it very family oriented. This is certainly not to the exclusion of individuals, but we all agreed that whenever it is possible and made sense, we would try to orient our projects and events around family participation.

The results so far have exceeded all of our expections. Membership is growing quickly, including members that live in Calgary, Cochrane and other outlying areas. We are well underway with a revitalization project at DeWitt's Pond. We have established relationships with organizations such as the Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and Delta Waterfowl. On February 1st, 2010 we became affiliated with the Alberta Fish & Game Association.

We are still getting some nuts and bolts in place, such as fine-tuning this website and continuing to develop our events calendar. But we are off to a good start and we are very enthusiastic about where we are going and the things that we intend to accomplish. If we look like an organization that you would like be a part of, then please feel free to attend our next monthly meeting. In the meantime, don't hesitate to email us with any questions you may have.

All the best,

Kerry Olsen

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