Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association

AHFA Principles


Volunteers and active participation are fundamental to the functioning of the AHFA. The AHFA supports equal opportunity and inclusiveness of anyone interested in outdoors sportsmanship and the conservation of Alberta's wildlife resources.


Habitat is the foundation of healthy wildlife populations. We all share an obligation to give back to the resources upon which our hunting and fishing heritage is based. However, our conservation ethic goes beyond harvestable fish and game and includes all of Alberta's biological diversity.


The AHFA adheres to the fundamental principles of democratic decision making and freedom of speech. The AHFA values the participation of its members and strives toward fair representation of the opinions and interests of its membership.

Alliances and Partnerships

The hunting and fishing community in Alberta and elsewhere is only as strong as it is united. Identifying common interests and engaging in invested participation with organizations that share our values will multiply the effectiveness of our efforts.


We need to make the effort today to invest in the conservation of our natural resources and nurture the interest of our youth. This will be the foundation for future growth and for the perpetuation of our hunting and fishing heritage.

Responsibility and Accountability

Our responsibility is the wise stewardship of our natural resources. Our accountability is to our members and to the public.

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