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AHFA Ice Fishing Event at Pine Coulee Reservoir

2nd Annual AHFA Family Day Ice Fishing Event at Chain Lakes

AHFA Ice Fishing Event at Crawling Valley Reservoir

Family Day at DeWitt's Trout Pond

Despite Mother Nature challenging us with the weather, we had a great turn-out for the stocking, clean-up and BBQ. Thank you to Erin McMahon from the Nose Creek Watershed Partnership/Trout Unlimited Canada for coming out, and to Max from Smoky Trout Farm for doing a great job involving the kids in the stocking. The event also resulted in a new addition to Wes David's family. He is noisy and poops everywhere (the Mallard, not Wes), but seems to be fitting in and healing well.

Archery & Clay Shoot

The weather cooperated (barely) and we had the first of what we hope will be many succesful archery and clay shoots. Approximately 60 members came out for the event. Many people got the opportunity to shoot a bow or a shotgun for the first time, and about a dozen people went home with prizes from the draw. With the entry fee of 5 lbs of canned goods per individual or family member, we were able to deliver almost 270 lbs of food to the Airdrie Food Bank. A special thank you to M&M Meat Shop (201 - 121 Main Street SW) in Airdrie for helping us out with a cook tent, BBQ and hamburgers/hotdogs!

Spray Lakes

This was a guided trip for members only to go after the mighty Lake Trout. Although no monsters were caught, the size and numbers landed were definitely worth the trip. All necessary equipment and shacks were provided as part of the package, and the guides did an excellent preparing a tasty "shore lunch" and keeping everyone full of hot chocolate. Based on this experience, there is no doubt that interest will be high in booking another package next year.

Family Day at Chain Lakes

Wow! What an event! This was a family oriented outing open to everyone interested. We ended up with 83 people showing up, 58 of whom were not yet AHFA members. We looked like a little village on the ice (pictures will be posted soon). Although the fish weren't fully cooperating, there was still plenty of them caught, with several youngsters catching their first ever fish. It was also the first ice fishing experience for about 20 people. A big thank you to Shawn and Liz for the considerable time and effort they put into lining up all of the fishing prizes and creating keepsakes for the kids.

Also, a very special thanks to Jim Hoey, the originator, host and producer of The Dimestore Fishermen (, a critically acclaimed fishing show that is broadcast nationally in Canada and the United States. Jim literally "backed the truck up" to provide everyone who attended a very cool fishing holster and an assortment of hooks. Jim and his family are not only great supporters and experts in the angling tradition, they are also a blast to hang out with.

Affiliation with AFGA is complete!

The process has been completed - the Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association is now an affiliate member of the Alberta Fish & Game Association. This means that all AHFA members are now also (automatically) members of the AFGA. Benefits include discounts with AFGA corporate sponsors, subscription to the Outdoor Edge magazine and coverage under the AFGA liability insurance policy. And perhaps most importantly, we now have a mechanism through which have the opportunity to add strength and input to a bigger, louder voice advocating for the hunting and fishing heritage and stewardship of the habitats that are so important to us.

Crawling Valley Reservoir

Leaving Airdrie, it looked like we were going to be in for a cold and windy day. Although we didn't see a lot of sun that day, the wind did die down and conditions were very comfortable. We ended up with 23 people attending and at some point in the day almost everyone got the opportunity to tangle with a pike. It was our first winter event as an association and a good time was had by all.

Muzzle Loading Presentation from TJ Schwanky

We were fortunate to have TJ Schwanky, a well known muzzle loading expert and outdoors writer, give us a presentation on muzzle loading at our monthly meeting. TJ covered a lot of ground - powder, bullets, primers, ballistics, etc. He also showed us some interesting videos and answered quite a few questions. Thanks for your time, TJ. Our members really appreciated the information and perspectives that you provided.

Christmas Cheer

Thank you to everyone who was able to show up for the Christmas get-together. Despite pretty bad weather, we had a good turnout, and were able to share some laughs and some great hunting tales from the season. Everyone was asked to bring some non-perishables for the Airdrie Food Bank, which resulted in the AHFA making a donation of 109 lbs of food. Way to go, folks!

Sausage Making 101

Our guest speaker this month was Mark Miller, an expert on sausage making and food safety. David gave us an excellent overview on sausage types, components and methodologies. Many members came away from the presentation with a new understanding that they could, in fact, make their own sausage! All it takes is a little research, a small investment in equipment and supplies, and some time. Thanks Mark!

Alberta Hunter Education Course Information

Our guest speaker this month was David Paplawski, an Alberta Hunter Education Course Instructor. David will be talked to us about the course and our options for making the course available to AHFA members. Many members are in the process of introducing their children to hunting and the information that David provided was of great interest to them. Thanks for your time, David.

Meet & Greet at Nose Creek Park

The weather was fantastic and we had a good time getting together at Nose Creek Park. We had a decent turn-out of people, families and dogs. Some tall tales, good laughs, a little football and the fish managed to avoid all of the hooks in the water. Looking forward to the next get-together.

TJ Schwanky delivers Volunteer Stewardship Presentation

The Volunteer Stewardship Program is a way through which volunteers can help monitor and maintain the habitats that the Alberta Fish & Game Association is a stakeholder in through the Wildlife Trust find. The AFGA currently has ownership or easements in over 80 properties province-wide. These habitats are open to public access and need to be visited regularly to ensure that they remain healthy.

TJ Schwanky presented an overview of the program to an audience that included members of the Airdrie, Calgary and Sarcee associations. A big thanks to TJ and to all who attended. If you were not able to attend but would like to get more information, please contact Kerry Olsen at or browse the AFGA website at

Rapala Rep Presents at AHFA Monthly Meeting

A big thanks to Steve Gower, who represents Rapala in Western Canada. Steve delivered an excellent presentation covering what's new in rods, reels, lures and line. It was very informative and greatly appreciated. As far as we know, Steve did make it out of the room with all of his new gear :-)

DeWitt's Pond Cleanup

Volunteers from the AHFA spent the afternoon cleaning up the garbage and scrap wood along the shores of DeWitt's Pond. In an effort to keep the area cleaner and safer in the future, the AHFA also installed three metal garbage containers and some AHFA signage. Thanks to all who participated.

For members who happen to be at the pond and see full garbage cans- please feel free to remove the full bags and replace with new ones (there should be spare bags in the bottom of each can). If you are not able to remove the remove the garbage, please notify any of the AHFA board members and we will get it taken care of. Unfortunately, at this time we have not been able to get the City of Airdrie Dump to allow us to dump the garbage for free, so you will have to use one of your own residential green stickers or find another alternative to dispose of it. Again, if this is a problem, notify one of the board members and we will get it taken care of.

Trout Stocking Day at DeWitt's Pond

We had a good turn-out of AHFA members to observe and help with the stocking of rainbow trout in DeWitt's Pond. The kids had a great time hauling buckets of trout to the shoreline and seeing them slip into their new home. It was a fun afternoon for everyone and a great educational experience for the kids. A special thanks to Max from Smoky Trout Farm for doing a great job educating us and letting the kids participate. Thanks also to the Alberta Conservation Association for funding the stocking program. Pictures are posted in the gallery.

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