Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association

Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association

Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association

Motto, Goals & Objectives

Our Motto, Goals and Objectives are aligned with those of the Alberta Fish and Game Association.

Our Motto:

Defending all outdoors.

Our Goals:

  • Healthy fish and wildlife populations
  • Clean air, clean water, unspoiled land

Our Objectives:

  1. To promote the non-commercial harvest of fish and game as a legitimate part of an overall wildlife management program, as a respected traditional outdoor activity and as a valued heritage.
  2. To develop, promote and deliver educational and recreational programs and activities, especially those that involve youth and families.
  3. To promote and assist in the sound long term management of fish and wildlife in the best interest of all Albertan's, including future generations.
  4. To develop and enhance land owner relations with outdoorsmen, and to obtain and maintain access to public lands.
  5. To promote the importance of fish and wildlife, and of proper resource management to the public at large, and especially to our young people.
  6. To work with government, industry and other organizations in local programs supporting the enhancement, development and maintenance of habitat for fish and wildlife in the Airdrie, Alberta area.
  7. To promote outdoor ethics and safety.

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